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CL- 2046 Work Session   Item #:   B.    
Work Session Meeting
Meeting Date: 01/15/2019  
Subject:    Police Station Site Selection Presentation
From: Richard Drazenovich

Work Session Meeting:     01/15/2019
In May 2018, the City of Danville selected Dewberry to evaluate numerous City owned sites for the purpose of the possible construction of a new City Police Station of roughly 56,000 square feet.  The new police facility site evaluation is based on the need as identified in the Facility Program for a new Police Building performed by Steve Allan of Solutions for Local Government, Inc.  The facility program indicates the need for roughly 5.82 acres of land if a one story facility is designed, but smaller sites can be evaluated assuming a two story structure.  Dewberry analyzed multiple sites and determined the top three sites based on a criteria set forth by the Manager's Selection Committee and Dewberry.  The criteria highlighted the pros and cons of each site in relation to ease of access; site development costs; location within the City; etc.  Dewberry's presentation of the final three sites will include graphic diagrammatic layouts of the proposed building, site parking, fleet vehicle parking and garage, vehicle trailer storage, and impound areas.  Each site evaluation will have a statement of probable costs.       
In March of 2016, the City contracted with Solutions for Local Government, Inc. of Charlotte, North Carolina to undertake a citywide space needs assessment of the facilities and building space which it provides for its various operational departments and Constitutional Officers.  The study effort that ensued involved the assessment of forty-eight individual buildings that included the work space of twenty-seven City departments, departmental divisions, and the constitutional agency offices.  Of the thirty recommendations articulated in the report; the first five, listed in order of priority, were those departments/buildings determined to have the "greatest need."  Recommendation number one was: initiate facility programming immediately for a new police facility. 

In September 2017, the City retained Solutions for Local Government, Inc. to develop the new Police Station facility program.  It was completed in May 2018.   
For review and consideration by Council. 

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