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CL- 1990 Work Session   Item #:   A.    
Work Session Meeting
Meeting Date: 10/04/2018  
Subject:    Comcast Cable Television Franchise Agreement
From: Jason Grey

Work Session Meeting:     10/04/2018
Comcast and City staff have negotiated the proposed franchise agreement under the Code of Virginia and the Cable Act for a nonexclusive franchise which would authorize Comcast to construct and operate a cable system in the City's public right-of-ways within the City limits.   The proposed term is for five (5) years unless the agreement is renewed or lawfully terminated under the Code of Virginia and/or the Cable Act.  The franchise agreement shall be extended for one (1) additional, five (5) year term unless either party notifies the other within three (3) years of the expiration of the agreement.

Comcast shall make cable service available to every residential dwelling unit within the City limits where the minimum density is at least forty (40) occupied residential dwelling units per mile with aerial cable or sixty (60) occupied residential dwelling units per mile with underground cable, and is within one (1) mile as measured in strand footage from the nearest point on the cable system trunk or feeder line from which a usable cable signal can be obtained.  Subject to the density requirement, Comcast shall offer cable service to all new homes or previously unserved homes located within one hundred and twenty-five (125) feet of the franchisee’s distribution cable at the standard installation rate.  Should, through new construction, an area within the Franchise Area meet the density requirements, Comcast shall provide cable service to such area within one (1) year after it confirms that the density requirements have been met following notice from the City of Danville that one (1) or more residents has requested Service.
In August 2004, the City granted a ten-year cable franchise to Adelphia Cable Communications to provide nonexclusive cable services with the City of Danville.  Approximately in 2007, Comcast purchased the Adelphia Danville system and began operations of the cable system.  The existing cable franchise agreement expired in August 2014 and was extended to January 2015 in hopes to have a mutually negotiated franchise agreement.  Currently, Comcast has been operating under the guidelines of the expired agreement from August 2014.
Staff recommends that City Council approve the proposed franchise agreement with Comcast of Connecticut/Georgia/Massachusetts/New Hampshire/New York/North Carolina/Virginia/Vermont, LLC, for a term of five years.


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