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CL- 1991 Work Session   Item #:   B.    
Work Session Meeting
Meeting Date: 10/04/2018  
Subject:    Comcast Education and Government Channel Side Agreement
From: Jason Grey

Work Session Meeting:     10/04/2018
The attached proposed agreement with Comcast details the expectations of changing the existing education and government channels over to high definition television by the third anniversary of the agreement.  The agreement also requires Comcast to construct a fiber optic return line from the Municipal Building located at 427 Patton Street, to Comcast's headend located at 320 Coleman Estates Road in Danville, VA.  The third requirement of the agreement details the pieces of equipment Comcast will be donating to the City as described in Exhibit A of the agreement.
The City and Comcast have negotiated the proposed agreement describing the expectations of each party regarding the educational and government channels for the foreseeable future.  The City has a desire to broadcast City Council and other Commission meetings live and in high definition to Comcast customers across their cable system.  The items listed in this agreement will assist both parties to provide a premium educational and government access channel to all City residents.
Staff recommends that City Council approve the mutually negotiated side agreement with Comcast in order to provide educational and government access channels to City residents.


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