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CL- 2005 Work Session   Item #:   D.    
Work Session Meeting
Meeting Date: 11/08/2018  
Subject:    Storm Drainage on Private Property
From: Richard Drazenovich

Work Session:     11/08/2018
City Council has requested information about storm drainage systems on private property.  Specifically, regarding the City's past and present inspections, easements, and regulations pertaining to drainage pipes under structures on private property.  

To answer those questions, Public Works has prepared a Power Point presentation which also includes information on what the City currently does, what the City is required to do, what other cities do, and what is the potential cost and funding sources if the City chose to offer more assistance to private properties. 
The unusually wet spring and summer has focused more attention on failing storm water systems on private property and in the public rights-of-way.  This resulted in more requests for assistance from the property owners to Public Works, the City Manager, and City Council. 

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