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CL- 2012 Work Session   Item #:   C.    
Work Session Meeting
Meeting Date: 11/08/2018  
Subject:    Request for Easement from the City of Danville Across PIN #60207 to Access Adjacent Property.
From: Kenneth C. Gillie, Jr.

Work Session Meeting:    11/08/2018
The City of Danville has received a request for an easement to be granted on Parcel ID #60207, to allow for access to adjacent property.  The adjacent property does have frontage on unopened street rights-of-way, but access to the parcel via these routes would be cost prohibitive.  The City is proposing an easement, with conditions, to protect the public interest.
Edgar Love, et al., owns Parcel #60397, which is located between the Southwyck Farms and Grove Park Subdivisions.  The parcel has frontage on the unopened portions of Chadwyck Drive, New Hope Way and Frederick Street.  Access through these unopened streets would be difficult due to topography, without the construction of bridges.  The Love's are requesting an easement across City Parcel #60207 to allow for this property to be sold and timbered.  Plans are for the parcel to be replanted in forest land afterward. 
It is recommended that City Council authorize the City Manager to sign the attached Deed of Easement allowing access to Parcel #60207, subject to conditions.

Easement Document
Easement Map

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