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CL- 2013 Work Session   Item #:   B.    
Work Session Meeting
Meeting Date: 11/08/2018  
Subject:    Lease Agreement with Norfolk Southern for Mass Transit Use
From: Marc Adelman

Work Session Meeting:     11/08/2018
The Norfolk Southern Railway Company has requested to update its recurring lease agreement with the City of Danville for property that is used by Danville Transit as a boarding area, which is located adjacent to West Main Street.  The term of the lease agreement calls for it to continue on a recurring, periodic basis and can be terminated for any reason by giving the other party thirty days notice.  The proposed lease agreement would supersede and cancel the original lease dated June 1, 1972 concerning the use of 9,200 square feet of property.
The Danville Transit System maintains a passenger boarding area on West Main Street near Edgewood Drive.  A bus shelter and passenger benches are located at this site on property that is owned by the Norfolk Southern Railway Company.  The City of Danville has leased this land from Norfolk Southern since 1972, which allows the transit system to use the bus shelter and other improvements located upon the premises.  Recently, Norfolk Southern notified the City of Danville that a new proposed lease agreement, which is attached for review, would supersede and cancel the current lease agreement.  Also, the company requests that the lease fee be increased from $100 per year to $300 per year effective June 1, 2019.  City Council's approval is needed so the lease agreement can be executed by the City Manager.
It is recommended that City Council approve the attached Resolution authorizing execution of the attached lease agreement with the Norfolk Southern Railway Company.

Lease Agreement
Leased Premises Area

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