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CL- 2059 Work Session   Item #:   C.    
Work Session Meeting
Meeting Date: 02/05/2019  
Subject:    Emergency Operations Plan
From: David R. Eagle

Work Session Meeting:     02/05/2019
The Emergency Operations Plan for the City of Danville, which includes reference documents and the Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Plan, has been updated as required to comply with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.
Emergency Operations Plans provide for response to emergencies and disasters in order to save lives, protect public health, safety, and property, restore essential services, and assist with economic recovery. 
Localities are required to have an emergency operations plan to receive federal and state funding which is essential for emergency operations during an emergency or disaster.  The plans must be reviewed and tested by emergency departments annually, and are to be adopted by local governing bodies every four years.
The accompanying resolution indicates City Council's approval, and provides the City Manager with the authority to make additional modifications as needed throughout the year.  This plan is updated through May 31, 2022.
It is recommended that Council adopt the attached Resolution approving the updated Emergency Operations Plan as mandated by State and Federal requirements.

EOP Plan

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