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CL- 2093 Work Session   Item #:   B.    
Work Session Meeting
Meeting Date: 04/16/2019  
Subject:    Vehicle Bridge Between Water Street and Eagle Springs Road Over Norfolk Southern Right-of-Way
From: Brian Dunevant

Work Session:     04/16/2019
The vehicle bridge that connects Water Street to Eagle Springs Road was struck by a Norfolk Southern train on or around September 30, 2017; the bridge is owned by Norfolk Southern Railway.  Norfolk Southern has indicated no interest in rebuilding the existing bridge due to it not meeting current bridge design standards and not having vertical and horizontal clearances that are up to current railroad standards.

Norfolk Southern offered to consider contributing 10% of the cost to construct a new bridge. A new bridge would need to be constructed to current bridge standards and the City of Danville would own and maintain the new structure. The other option presented by Norfolk Southern is that the structure be permanently closed and barricades be installed on each side of the crossing. Under this scenario, Norfolk Southern would consider a cash donation to the City in the amount of $50,000.   
Our records indicate that this Norfolk Southern owned structure was originally constructed in 1932. The most recent reconstruction occurred around 2006. The City of Danville performs the necessary structure inspections, as required by the Virginia Department of Transportation, and Norfolk Southern maintains the structure.  In 2015, the average daily traffic count was 150 cars per day. The structure serves as a connection between Water Street and Eagle Springs Road (Route 730).  Citizens in the North Main/Halifax Street area of the City could use Water Street to access Evans Park and Kentuck Road (Route 729) near Intertape.

Construction of a new bridge is preliminarily estimated at just over $4,500,000.  Right-of-way acquisition, structure alignment and availability of project funds will influence a final estimate. The funding options that the City could pursue through the Virginia Department of Transportation would include Revenue Sharing program funds and Smart Scale program funds.  Revenue Sharing would require a match of 50% of the cost of the project and would require applications for multiple fiscal years. Smart Scale could fund most of the project cost if approved.
The information presented herein is for discussion purposes.

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