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CL-2294 New Business   Item #: D.       
Meeting Date: 04/07/2020  
Subject:    Airport Capital Grant
From: Marc Adelman

First Reading: 04/07/2020
Final Adoption: 04/21/2020                                                                
The Virginia Department of Aviation administers an Airport Capital Grant Program that provides funding for various capital projects including terminal building improvements.  The Virginia Department of Aviation and the Virginia Aviation Board have approved state funding to complete heating and air conditioning upgrades for the Danville Regional Airport terminal building.  The state has identified that eighty percent of the total project cost will be funded with state capital aid.
Over the past two years, the Danville Regional Airport has completed heating and air conditioning improvements for offices and conference rooms located on the north and south side of the terminal building.  Mini-split systems were installed in these areas that are energy efficient and provide for more flexibility with controlling interior temperatures compared to the original system that heated and cooled the space using interior wall units that were linked to a two-pipe boiler and chiller system.  

The final phase to complete heating and air conditioning upgrades for the terminal would impact the lobby area and hallway.  Presently, this area of the terminal is linked to a two-pipe boiler and chiller system and only heat or air can be provided relative to the water temperature.  Therefore, during different months of the year when both heat and air may be needed during the same day, the system's ability to cool the common area can be delayed several hours after the heat is activated before the water temperature cools sufficiently.

The proposed capital grant request involves the installation of an air handler to support a four-pipe heating air conditioning system for the common area of the terminal that will be linked to the existing boiler and chiller.  In addition, the project would include the installation of a new chill and hot water piping system.  These improvements will allow for heat or air to be provided to the common area of the terminal without delay.  The total cost for the project is $188,000 and the local share requirement is $37,600.
It is recommended that City Council approve an Ordinance Amending the Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Appropriation Ordinance to provide for State Aviation capital grant funding, and the local share, and appropriating the same.  The local share will be provided through the Support of Special Grants Fund.



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