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CL-2318 Work Session   Item #: D.       
Meeting Date: 06/02/2020  
Subject:    Smoking in Carrington Pavilion
From: William Sgrinia

Work Session Meeting:     06/02/2020
The Virginia General Assembly has passed VA Code §15.2-926.4, which allows any locality, by ordinance, to designate reasonable no - smoking areas within an outdoor amphitheater or concert venue owned by that locality. 
An ordinance adopted pursuant to this section shall: 
1.           Require the locality to install adequate signs within each outdoor amphitheater or concert venue that designate the no smoking areas within that facility.                                     
2. Provide that no person shall smoke in any such area or place designated as a no smoking area and that any person who continues to smoke in such an area after being asked to refrain from smoking shall be subject to a civil penalty of no more than $25; and
3.      Provide that any law enforcement officer may issue a summons regarding a violation of the ordinance. 
C. Civil Penalties assessed under this section shall be paid to the treasury of the locality and shall be expended solely for public health purposes.
The Carrington Pavilion is Danville's largest outdoor amphitheater and concert venue. The Carrington Pavilion has 1180 seats under the canopy with a max capacity of approximately 5000 people. In the past staff has had complaints about smoking under the canopy as the air does not move and tends to stay trapped. 
It is recommended that Danville City Council pass an ordinance designating the seats under the canopy of the Carrington Pavilion as a no smoking area. Smoking will be allowed in the rest of the facility and off to the side of the seats. 



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