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CL-2330 New Business   Item #: A.       
Meeting Date: 06/16/2020  
Subject:    City of Danville Personnel Ordinance
From: Sara Weller

Business Meeting:     06/16/2020
Amendments to the City of Danville’s Personnel System are submitted no less than annually to City Council for adoption. Proposed changes for Fiscal Year 2021 include revisions to the City of Danville’s Personnel System Regulations, compensation plan, and classification plan.
The original Personnel System of the City of Danville was adopted in 1983. The System includes the City’s Personnel System Regulations, compensation plan, and classification plan. Since initial adoption, the System has been continually revised as legal or business needs require.
Changes to the Personnel System are recommended for FY 2021. The majority of the proposed changes are a result of the comprehensive compensation, classification, and benefits study completed by the Berkley Group in FY 2020. This study was done to ensure the City is offering a competitive employment package for recruitment and retention purposes. The City’s last comprehensive study was completed in 2012.  Recommended changes are as follows:
Personnel System Regulations:
Recommended changes for the Personnel Regulations are minimal. Fire Chief Coffey submitted changes to the Fire Department’s promotional process in section 6.3.3. In addition, clarification on the approved programs of study qualifying eligible public safety employees for educational incentive (i.e. school pay) is added to Section 6.4. If adopted, the change to Section 6.4. only affects employees hired on or after July 1, 2020. Both changes are submitted as an attachment for Council’s review.
Compensation System:
A new compensation system is recommended for adoption. The system is a result of the Berkley Group’s comprehensive study. Every range in the proposed system has a higher minimum and maximum than the current system making the ranges more competitive. Using data collected through a market study, the Berkley Group, with input from City management and Human Resources, assigned positions to the new ranges. Positions were placed at or above 90% of the average market minimum based on data from the study and internal equity. With the new system, the lowest hourly rate paid by the City is $10 per hour, which is more in line with what is considered a living wage for this area. The proposed compensation system is submitted as an attachment for Council’s review.  
Classification System:
Reviewing, updating, and reformatting the City’s current class descriptions is a part of the Berkley Group project. Because the overall changes to class descriptions are minimal, the majority being formatting changes only, descriptions are not being submitted individually for Council approval. Adoption of the attached ordinance reflects this and grants Council approval for the City to format, edit, and create class descriptions to align the classification system with the compensation system. 
It is recommended that City Council adopt the attached ordinance reflecting changes the City of Danville’s Personnel System.

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