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CL- 1962 New Business   Item #:   A.    
City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 09/04/2018  
Subject:    Virginia Department of Transportation - Highway Safety Improvement Program
From: Brian Dunevant

First Reading:     09/04/2018
Final Adoption:   09/18/2018
The Commonwealth Transportation Board approved the City of Danville to receive funding from the Virginia Department of Transportation's (VDOT) Highway Safety Improvement Program. The funding amount is $70,830 and is to be used for the installation of high visibility traffic signal backplates. These funds need to be appropriated before the preliminary engineering can begin.
The City submitted an application to VDOT for Highway Safety Improvement Program funding in 2016.  VDOT's Highway Safety Improvement Program provides funding opportunities for certain proposed safety improvements.  The appropriation of the Highway Safety Improvement Program funds will provide funding for the installation of high visibility traffic signal backplates. These backplates have been used across the country and have been shown to improve safety by increasing the visibility of traffic signals. There are no matching funds required by the City.
It is recommended that City Council adopt the accompanying Ordinance Appropriating Highway Safety Improvement Program funds from the Virginia Department of Transportation in the amount of $70,830.


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