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CL- 1963    Item #:   B.    
City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 09/04/2018  
Subject:    Virginia Department of Transportation - FY 2019 State of Good Repair Program Funds
From: Brian Dunevant

First Reading:     09/04/2018
Final Adoption:   09/18/2018
At their June 20th meeting, the Commonwealth Transportation Board approved the City of Danville to receive funding from the Virginia Department of Transportation's (VDOT) State of Good Repair/ Primary Extensions Program in the total amount of $999,000.  These funds will be used for the resurfacing of various segments of streets identified by VDOT as being deficient:
Central Boulevard $ 312,000
Riverside Drive $ 395,000
Memorial Drive $ 292,000

The City submitted applications to VDOT for State of Good Repair/Primary Extension funding in January 2018. This program provides funding opportunities for repair of primary roadways that have a Combined Condition Index (CCI) of less than 60 (as determined by VDOT). The City typically uses VDOT maintenance funds to resurface a limited number of streets each year. The appropriation of these funds will increase the planned resurfacing of streets for FY 2019. There are no matching funds required by the City.


It is recommended that City Council adopt the accompanying Ordinances Appropriating State of Good Repair/Primary Extension program funds from the Virginia Department of Transportation totaling $999,000.


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