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CL- 1967 New Business   Item #:   B.    
City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 09/18/2018  
Subject:    Transferring Surplus Property to DRHA
From: W. Clarke Whitfield, Jr.

Business Meeting:     09/18/2018
Virginia Code Section 15.2-953 authorizes localities to transfer surplus property to non-profit organizations.  Staff recommends that Council approve the transfer of 18 vacant lots which have no current or planned use from the City to the Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority (DRHA) for future development and disposition.
In July 2018, the following properties were identified by staff as (1) being owned by the City, (2) having no current or planned future use, and (3) being ideal candidates for conveyance to the DRHA in anticipation of future development, consolidation, or disposition:

1. Parcel #20552 (Bethel St.)
2. Parcel #21272 (Bethel St.)
3. Parcel #73569 (Bradley Rd.)
4. Parcel #20636 (Broad Alley)
5. Parcel #24382 (Broad St.) 
6. Parcel #24864 (Broad St.)
7. Parcel #02655 (Claiborne St.)
8. Parcel #02661 (Claiborne St.)
9. Parcel #23000 (Cleveland St.)
10. Parcel #25039 (Cleveland St.)
11. Parcel #25040 (Cleveland St.)
12. Parcel #21601 (Colquhoun St.)
13. Parcel #25926 (Grove St.)
14. Parcel #05002 (Locust Ln.)
15. Parcel #22114 (Pine St.)
16. Parcel #22233 (West End Ave.)
17. Parcel # 22235 (West End Ave.)
18. Parcel #03551 (Worsham St.)

Of these vacant lots, nine are directly adjacent to DRHA-owned lots, three more are very close to DRHA-owned lots, and the remaining six are lots in residential neighborhoods.
Staff recommends that City Council adopt the attached Resolution transferring certain surplus properties from the City of Danville to the Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority.


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