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CL-2371 New Business   Item #: F.       
Meeting Date: 09/01/2020  
Subject:    Fiscal Year 2021 Airport Maintenance Program
From: Marc Adelman

First Reading:      September 1, 2020                             
Final Adoption: September 15, 2020
The Virginia Department of Aviation provides airport maintenance funding to assist airports with preserving facilities in a safe and economical operating condition.  Maintenance grant funding will allow individual Virginia airports to receive up to $100,000 in state aid each year.  However, last fiscal year the Danville Regional Airport received a state airport maintenance grant allocation in the amount of $29,792 to replace a small dump truck and snow plow that cost $59,757 and must be applied to this year's airport maintenance grant.  This is required because the airport was unable to receive the equipment before June 30, 2020, due to the pandemic. Therefore, the Danville Regional Airport will be able to receive up to $70,208 in state maintenance funds for this fiscal year.
Eligible maintenance activities for use of State Airport Maintenance funds include scheduled and unscheduled repairs that are not performed each quarter.  State maintenance funds can also be used to obtain grounds equipment.  State funding levels vary for airport maintenance program activities relative to state policy.  Projects that support facility preservation such as crack sealing are funded at higher levels compared to projects that are related to the replacement of grounds equipment.

During Fiscal Year 2020, state airport maintenance funds were used to replace an automatic gate controller and operator, purchase a front end mower and remark the crosswind runway.  The total cost for the completed maintenance projects was $66,470 and the state provided $42,648 in state matching funds.  State airport maintenance funds were also approved last fiscal year to purchase a small dump truck and snow plow that was ordered in January 2020 that cost $59,757.  However, due to the pandemic, the chassis for the dump truck did not arrive in time for the project to be completed before the end of June 2020.  Therefore, state maintenance funds from this year's grant will finance $29,792 or approximately fifty percent of the total cost of the dump truck and snow plow.  For FY 2021, contingent upon state approval, the airport plans to use other airport maintenance funds for unscheduled repairs and pavement repairs. 
It is recommended that City Council approve an Ordinance amending the Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Appropriation Ordinance to provide for Virginia Department of Aviation Airport Maintenance funds and for the local share appropriating the same.



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