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CL-2870 Work Session   Item #: D.       
Meeting Date: 11/15/2022  
Subject:    City Releasing Lien Against Parcel 21579 Stokes Street
From: W. Clarke Whitfield, Jr.

Work Session:     11/15/2022
City Staff is seeking approval from City Council to release two nuisance abatement liens, and associated costs and delinquencies, affecting one parcel of land on Stokes Street, to facilitate its donation to the Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority ("DRHA").
The City currently holds approximately $4,500.00 in nuisance abatement liens, and associated collection costs and interest, against one parcel on Stokes Street near South Main Street, identified as Parcel #21579. The liens and costs greatly exceed the market value of the Parcel, which is presently assessed at $700.00.
The nuisance abatement liens relate to the demolition of an unsafe structure in 2021. The present owner of the Parcel is an LLC, and wishes to donate the land to the DRHA to assist with the development of much-needed affordable housing, in exchange for the release of the delinquencies and liens. Partnering with the DRHA on this furthers the City’s goals of blight eradication and expanding the housing supply. The donation is dependent upon the City releasing the recorded nuisance abatement liens and associated costs to allow clear title to transfer.
Under State law, City Council can release nuisance abatement liens to facilitate the transfer of an otherwise unmarketable lot. City Staff has determined that releasing the outstanding nuisance abatement liens to facilitate the property transfer would be of benefit to the City by eliminating likely future maintenance costs, increasing the taxable value and productive use of the Parcel, and assisting the DRHA in developing new affordable housing.
City staff recommends releasing existing liens and associated collection costs and interest affecting Parcel #21579, contingent upon the actual transfer of the Parcel to the DRHA.



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