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CL-2880 New Business   Item #: E.       
Meeting Date: 11/15/2022  
Subject:    City Council’s Policy on Collective Bargaining
From: W. Clarke Whitfield, Jr.

Business Meeting:     11/15/2022
This resolution sets out the City Council’s policy on collective bargaining. It prohibits any official, employee, appointee, or agent of the City, vested with or possessing any authority, to recognize any labor union or other employee association or organization as a bargaining agent of any City officers or employees, or to collectively bargain or enter into any collective bargaining contract.
While the resolution prohibits collective bargaining, this resolution sets forth the Council’s policy of promoting orderly and constructive relationships between the City and its employees in support of its responsibility to residents to provide for their health, safety, welfare, and the uninterrupted operations and functions of government. It places on the City Manager the responsibility to develop, promote, and maintain written policies and procedures to enhance positive employee relations and allow for input of staff in personnel policy decision-making whenever reasonable and feasible in his sole and final determination.
As you will recall, effective May 1, 2021, the General Assembly through Code § 40.1-57.2, authorized local governments with the authority to recognize labor unions or other employee associations and to collectively bargain or enter into any collective bargaining contract with any such union or association. The attached resolution is modeled on others that have been approved throughout the Commonwealth.
It is recommended that City Council approve the attached resolution setting forth its policy on collective bargaining.



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