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CL-2513 New Business   Item #: F.       
Meeting Date: 04/06/2021  
Subject:    Danville's Summer Youth Jobs Program
From: Earl B. Reynolds, Jr.

First Reading:      04/06/2021                                                                           
Final Adoption: 04/20/2021
The City, in partnership with community non-profit partners, has developed a program to offer summer employment opportunities to fifty (50) youth and young adults (ages 16-24) during the summer of 2021.  The total cost of the program is anticipated to be $203,534.00 with the City share estimated to be $131,193.00 or 64.5% of the estimated total program cost.
The program design which is being recommended is as follows:

Summer Youth Employment Program
1.  Provide meaningful, paid work-based learning experiences for 50 youth/young adults, ages 16 – 24.
2.  Identify opportunities to leverage/pool funding from multiple sources based on identified “wins” for participating partners.
3.  Connect employers to a diverse talent pool.
4.  Prepare students with transferable, in-demand skills and provide an opportunity to earn industry certifications (ex. NCRC).
Structure and Timeline:
This is an eight-week experience with an expectation that participants will complete 280 hours (avg. 35 hours per week). 

In-School Youth
Work Readiness Boot Camp  June 7th  –  June 11th                                                         
Week 1:   OJT/Worksite June 14th -  June 17th
                Debrief/Workshops June 18th   
Week 2:   OJT/Worksite June 21st -   June 25th
Week 3:   OJT/Worksite June 28th -  July 1st
                Debrief/Workshops July 2nd  (Optional)
Week 4:   OJT/Worksite July 5th -  July 9th
Week 5:   OJT/Worksite July 12th -  July 16th
Week 6:   OJT/Worksite  July 19th -  July 23rd
Week 7:   OJT/Worksite July 26th -  July 28th
                Debrief/Celebration July 29th -  July 30th 

The above timeline can be replicated for out-of-school youth, starting as early as funding is secured and partners have availability to assist.  This would allow partner agencies an opportunity to expend dedicated funding during the FY 21 fiscal year ending June 30, 2021.
Interns will be paid a stipend of $2,800 based on performance and attendance.  The stipend will be paid in four biweekly installments of $700 per installment (less applicable taxes).
WBL/Career Coaches will be available to provide intensive 1:1 coaching. It is recommended that we have a 1:10 coach to youth ratio. Coaches will conduct scheduled visits to work sites and document participant progress providing comprehensive data to understand how youth are progressing in the program.  The team will also use this information to make adjustments, modifying and improving the experience. Coaches will also assist with identifying more immediate participant needs:  food insecurity, housing challenges, behavioral concerns, etc.
Lead Agency and Partners:
The West Piedmont Workforce Development Board (WPWDB) will serve as the lead agency and fiscal agent.  The WPWDB will leverage WIOA funds for eligible out-of-school youth participants and adults (age 18 and over). The WPWDB will issue stipends to eligible participants.  The WPWDB will also provide intern support services.
The City of Danville, via support from City Council, will provide funding for youth who are not eligible for WIOA funds. The City, as one of the region’s largest employers, will also provide internship experiences.  The City’s Youth and Gang Violence Prevention Coordinator, Robert David, will assist in identifying potential youth participants.
Danville Public Schools (DPS) will also assist in identifying youth participants (in and out-of-school) and will also provide intern support services.  In addition, DPS will host the Work Readiness Bootcamp.  DPS, as one of the region’s largest employers, will provide internship experiences.
The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research (IALR) will provide project facilitation and evaluation services.  IALR will also provide staff and funding to support NCRC (Work Keys) testing and Excel workshops. IALR, on behalf of the Dan River Region Collaborative (DRRC), will provide $25,000 to support intern stipends. IALR’s WBL Coordinator, Dana Wilson, is available to assist with workplace evaluations prior to intern placement.
All of the partners will promote the opportunity, recruiting additional employers to host youth participants.
Item Unit Cost Number Total Description
Intern Stipends $2,800 50 $140,000  
Staff - WPWDB $22,500 1 $  22,500 4 months 100%: $50K base and 35% fringe
Transportation $160 50 $    8,000 $2 one-way Reserve a Ride; 8Wks X 5 days X$2 X 50 X 2 ways
Supplies $100 50 $    5,000 Work-related needs
Recognition $15 75 $    1,325 Certificates $200/event – 75 people
Meals – boot camp/ training days $25 per diem 500 $  12,500 10 days
Admin Fee     $  14,199 10% of non WIOA costs (WPWDB)
TOTAL     $203,524.00  
The goal is for twenty of the youth participants to be WIOA eligible.  This would represent 40% of the intern population.  Based on a more conservative estimate, we anticipate that 25% of the costs would be paid by the WPWDB, totaling $47,331.  Accounting for this and the IALR/DRRC contribution of $25,000, Danville City Council would be asked to provide $131,193.

Meaning of Acronyms:
NCRC -       National Career Readiness Certificate                                                                                 
WBL -  Work-Based Learning
WIOA - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (formerly the WIA (Workforce Investment Act)
It is recommended that the Danville City Council adopt the attached ordinance Amending the Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Appropriation Ordinance to provide funding for the Summer Youth Jobs Program.



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