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CL-2549 Work Session   Item #: A.       
Meeting Date: 06/01/2021  
Subject:    Personnel Ordinance
From: Sara Weller

Work Session Meeting:     06/01/2021
Amendments to the City of Danville's Personnel System are submitted no less than annually to City Council for adoption. Proposed changes for Fiscal Year 2022 include revisions to the City of Danville's Personnel System Regulations, compensation plan, and classification plan. 
The original Personnel System of the City of Danville was adopted in 1983. The System includes the City's Personnel System Regulations, compensation plan, and classification plan. Since initial adoption, the System has been continually revised as legal or business needs require. 

Changes to the Personnel System are recommended for Fiscal Year 2022, as follows:

Personnel System Regulations
There are very few changes to the Personnel System Regulations recommended this year. The majority of the changes are updates to reflect current City practices. One change to note is the removal of the Fire Department's promotional process from the Regulations. The Fire Department has a promotional committee that reviews and modifies their promotional procedures, with assistance from Human Resources. Moving forward, these procedures will be outlined in a departmental policy and procedure rather than the Regulations. This provides more flexibility to make changes to the process when a need arises. Human Resources and the Fire Department continue to work together on promotions to ensure an equitable process for candidates. 

Compensation System
Changes to the compensation system include the assignment of new classifications to pay grades and grade reassignment for a few current positions. 

Classification System
The City continues to review, update, and reformat current job descriptions to maintain alignment with the classification and compensation systems throughout the year. Job descriptions for new positions requested through the Fiscal Year 2022 budget are included for review and adoption. 
It is recommended that City Council adopt the attached ordinance reflecting changes to the City of Danville's Personnel System Regulations. 

Personnel Regulations
Schematic List
Job Descriptions


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