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CL-2784 New Business   Item #: A.       
Meeting Date: 06/07/2022  
Subject:    Consideration of Zoning Ordinance Amendment Establishing Dwelling Unit Quality Standards.
From: Doug Plachcinski

Business Meeting:     06/07/2022
An Ordinance Amending, Repealing, and Reordaining Chapter 41, Entitled "Zoning Ordinance” of the Code of the City of Danville, Virginia by Adding a New Section 2.C Urban Agriculture in Article 2., General Regulations, that Establishes a Purpose, Standards for Dwelling Units, Additional Standards for One-Family Dwelling to Two-Family Dwelling Conversions, and Additional Standards for Accessory Dwelling Units. 
The City does not have zoning standards for dwelling units. These standards ensure that each dwelling unit in the City has adequate light, air, space, infrastructure and amenities for Danville residents.

The proposed standards address dwelling unit floor area, minimum conditions, storage, perimeter foundations, public utilities, roof construction, gutters, and energy efficiency.  The proposed amendment also contains additional standards for one-family dwelling to two-family dwelling conversions and additional standards for Accessory Dwelling Units.  
The Planning Commission recommended 7-0 to adopt Rezoning PZ22-90, initiated by the Planning Director, which adds minimum dwelling unit standards for single family dwelling units, single family dwelling units converted to two (2) family dwelling units, and accessory dwelling units. 

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