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CL-2526 Consent Agenda   Item #: B.       
Meeting Date: 07/06/2021  
Subject:    Federal Aviation Administration Grant
From: Marc Adelman

First Reading:      06/15/2021                                                                           
Final Adoption: 07/06/2021
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) oversees a discretionary grant program that provides funds to general aviation airports for design services and construction activities related to capital projects.  The FAA has approved federal funding for design services to rehabilitate the airport's south ramp.  Federal funding will be provided to finance one hundred percent of the project cost, therefore no local match is required to complete design services activities.
In 2001, federal and state funding was received by the City of Danville to construct a concrete ramp that includes two taxiway connections.  The ramp is 525' x 410' and is located on the south side of the airfield near the T-Hangar area and the taxiway that parallels the primary runway.  Concrete was primarily used to develop the taxiway connections and the ramp. However, the current condition of this project area requires a full rehabilitation. 

Blackening and cracking was detected on the surface of the ramp.  Therefore, cores were extracted from the ramp to complete an analysis to determine the quality and condition of the concrete.  Through outside analysis, it was confirmed that the concrete is affected by an Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR), which can cause serious expansion and cracking resulting in major structural problems.  In the case of ASR, this reaction can occur years after the concrete is poured. 

ASR is caused by a reaction between the hydroxyl ions in the alkaline cement pore solution in the concrete and reactive forms of silica in the aggregate such as quartzite and chert.  A gel is produced, which increases in volume by taking up water and causes an expansive pressure, resulting in failure of the concrete.  For ASR to occur, a sufficiently high alkali content of the cement must be present as well as available water in the concrete and a reactive aggregate such as chert. 

Planned engineering service activities will involve additional geotechnical analysis and the development of bid specifications to address the condition of the concrete so the ramp and taxiway connections can be rehabilitated.  It is anticipated that the concrete will be broken up into small pieces and overlaid with asphalt using specialized equipment. This process saves with the expense of transporting removed material to a disposal site and purchasing new base material to pave. The intended result is to provide a smoother pavement surface than would be obtained if a layer of asphalt were applied to an unbroken concrete surface.
It is recommended that City Council approve an Ordinance amending the Fiscal Year 2021 budget Appropriation Ordinance to provide for Federal Aviation Administration capital grant funding to complete engineering services. No local share is required for this project.

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